What’s on the Menu?

Welcome to Bite on the Town,

The goal of this blog is to write my honest opinions on various “hidden gem” restaurants in Niagara.

niagara region

I have always taken much pride in growing up in Welland despite the fact that there is practically nothing to do unless you are sixteen and genuinely looking forward to going to a local fair or the Seaway Mall cinema, as there are zero stores in that mall with relevance unless you have retired.

As I’ve “matured”, I have noticed how much fun you can have in Niagara. Whether it’s visiting a neighbouring city, safely being able to walk all over town or visiting “dive” bars in order to pass the time, Niagara has been one hilarious roller coaster ride throughout my youth. Showcasing it’s perks seems like a nice thing to do.

night on the town
I chose to focus on Niagara because through my various excursions around the region I have found some very interesting yet noteworthy establishments that should be put on display.

If you have any questions or recommendations please feel free to contact me at danaconn90@gmail.com.

– Dana Connor

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