The Broken Gavel

I’ll be the Judge!

BrokenGavel Menu_This week I ventured out of my hometown to Fenwick, Ontario to explore the brand new restaurant The Broken Gavel, which aims to be “the people’s pub.” With its unique blend of American (traditional), British, Irish and Fondue cuisine, this restaurant really is one the most exciting places I have been in the Niagara region.

The menu is so different from all of the pub style restaurants I have been experiencing, however it still gives those pub options just at a more fine dining level. The restaurant is quaint and the staff was very accommodating. As a new restaurant, I was also impressed that they were already featuring local beers especially ones from my favourite brewery Oast House Brewers so naturally I ordered my favourite beer, The Barn Raiser.

Since the menu was so interesting my friends and I decided to order one of their cheese fondues for an appetizer while we mulled over the rest of the menu. Broken Gavel Cheese 2_You are probably wondering why the quality of the photo I took is lacking in substance and that is because I was so excited to eat fondue that I forgot until the last apple slice that I had to even take a picture in the first place.

I cannot even express the difficulty of choosing an entrée because there were so many options. In the end it looks like cheese was the way to my heart that night because I ended up building my own mac and cheese with mushrooms and peameal bacon. It was so delicious and rich in flavour. The homemade cheese sauce was drool worthy. I was also pleasantly surprised by the vegetables on the side which was a nice little break from the cheese consumption I was experiencing.

Broken Gavel Mac and Cheese_

I would rate my overall experience at The Broken Gavel:


The Broken Gavel: 785 Canboro Road, Fenwick, Ontario

6 thoughts on “The Broken Gavel

  1. Lot’s of restaurants are now featuring some sort of mac and cheese. If you make it out to St. Catharines on your Bite on the Town adventures, be check out The Feathery Pub. Similar European style pub :). I’ll for sure check out The Broken Gavel if I’m ever in Fenwick.


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