Old Crow Bar & Bistro

Since I started this blog, I have to say that this is the first time that I have found a “hidden gem” restaurant via social media. After trying to create a Twitter list of all of Niagara’s craft beers I was constantly seeing posts from Old Crow Bar & Bistro. So I asked around if any of my friends from Niagara Falls had heard of this restaurant and it came to my understanding that this was new, uncharted territory. So without any hesitation I gathered up the troops and we set off to test out this new up and coming Niagara hot spot.

What a pleasant surprise! Upon entering you get this really rustic yet
modern vibe. The bar, I must say, is a glorious sight and completely supports local craft beers!

Old Crow Forty Creek burger

Old Crow Forty Creek burger

On this particular day I was craving a hamburger and thankfully Old Crow Bar & Bistro was filled with amazing options. In fact, the entire table (minus one) ordered burgers. Options ranged from a Bruschetta burger, a Big oldcrow_halfburger__Texas burger, the crowd favourite Old Crow Forty Creek burger and more. I enjoyed the Old Crow Forty Creek burger, or should I say… I devoured it.

Right off the bat, it featured three of my favourite ingredients: cheese, tomatoes and mushrooms. So in my mind this was a no brainer. It was also slathered in Forty Creek BBQ sauce which is never a bad thing. It came with a side of crisp french fries,which I gathered were hand cut.

I would rate my particular experience at Old Crow Bar & Bistro:


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Featured above: a bowl of Chilli and a basket of fries.

Featured above: a bowl of Chilli

Honestly this place had such an amazing vibe, my #PRatNC friends couldn’t help but discuss how fun this restaurant would be at night and by the looks of it Old Crow Bar & Bistro features live music.

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Located at: 4337 Queen St, Niagara Falls, ON L2E 2K9

The Smokin’ Buddha

You Gotta Eat Here!

menu_smokingbuddhaI am not just saying this because The Smokin’ Buddha was featured on an episode of the Food Network’s show You Gotta Eat Here! but rather because it’s really the best restaurant in the region that showcases global comfort food.

I must recommend calling to reserve a reservation for this particular restaurant. The restaurant is located in the heart of a very tiny city and therefore a popular restaurant choice amongst locals.

The menu is inspired by the owner’s travels and features various appetizers and entrees from all over the world. Many of the meal options also contain a recommended beverage pairing to further enhance your experience.

Vegetarian Samosas

Vegetarian Samosas

As always it was ladies night so my friends and I decided to an appetizer was in order. We sprung for the vegetarian samosas, which were filled with various vegetables and loaded with various Indian spices.
I mean look at those suckers, they not only look fantastic, they taste it too.
I will now attempt to describe the sauce to the best of my abilities – it was honey, or at least tasted like a more liquified version of honey (if that is possible). I liked it because it definitely toned down the heat of the samosas for me.


Korean Beef Noodles

For my entree I decided to head to Korea and try the Korean Beef Noodles. This meal consisted of beef, carrots, mushrooms, various spices and udon noodles.

The Korean Beef Noodles are probably one of my favourite menu items as a lot of the menu features my nemesis, Cilantro.

However this particular one does not. It’s really the perfect portion of noodles and beef.

I would rate my particular experience at The Smokin’ Buddha:

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Udon Soup

p.s. I have linked the episode of You Gotta Eat Here! above, which more accurately describes the Korean Beef Noodles.

The Smokin’ Buddha is located at the Old Train Station in Port Colborne, Ontario: 265 King St, Port Colborne, ON L3K 4G8

For more information on The Smokin’ Buddha please visit The Niagara Local.