Old Crow Bar & Bistro

Since I started this blog, I have to say that this is the first time that I have found a “hidden gem” restaurant via social media. After trying to create a Twitter list of all of Niagara’s craft beers I was constantly seeing posts from Old Crow Bar & Bistro. So I asked around if any of my friends from Niagara Falls had heard of this restaurant and it came to my understanding that this was new, uncharted territory. So without any hesitation I gathered up the troops and we set off to test out this new up and coming Niagara hot spot.

What a pleasant surprise! Upon entering you get this really rustic yet
modern vibe. The bar, I must say, is a glorious sight and completely supports local craft beers!

Old Crow Forty Creek burger

Old Crow Forty Creek burger

On this particular day I was craving a hamburger and thankfully Old Crow Bar & Bistro was filled with amazing options. In fact, the entire table (minus one) ordered burgers. Options ranged from a Bruschetta burger, a Big oldcrow_halfburger__Texas burger, the crowd favourite Old Crow Forty Creek burger and more. I enjoyed the Old Crow Forty Creek burger, or should I say… I devoured it.

Right off the bat, it featured three of my favourite ingredients: cheese, tomatoes and mushrooms. So in my mind this was a no brainer. It was also slathered in Forty Creek BBQ sauce which is never a bad thing. It came with a side of crisp french fries,which I gathered were hand cut.

I would rate my particular experience at Old Crow Bar & Bistro:


Also Digested:

Featured above: a bowl of Chilli and a basket of fries.

Featured above: a bowl of Chilli

Honestly this place had such an amazing vibe, my #PRatNC friends couldn’t help but discuss how fun this restaurant would be at night and by the looks of it Old Crow Bar & Bistro features live music.

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Located at: 4337 Queen St, Niagara Falls, ON L2E 2K9

Iggy’s Pub and Grub

Getting Iggy with it!
iggys menu_Prior to a fun night out with my fellow #PRatNC grads.We decided to make a quick pit stop at Iggy’s Pub and Grub restaurant located in Fonthill, Ontario. Iggy’s is one of my favourite local restaurants because of its amazing selection of local craft beers. I always enjoy ordering their “Flights” which allow you to try and small selection of beers that they feature on tap that particular month. Check out my classmate Jeff Blay’s blog on Niagara Craft Beers.

Feature above are Iggy's Flights. Price $6

Iggy’s Flights. Price $6

Onto the grub, my friends and I were super intrigued by Iggy’s menu because it features a variety of local ingredients and interesting combinations.

PBM - peanut butter meatballs_As an appetizer we ordered their PBM’s (Peanut Butter Meatballs). While I was a little hesitant to give these a try, I was beyond impressed.The meatballs come covered in a sweet marinara sauce and have a hint of a smokey peanut flavour in every bite. They are fantastic, which caused me to regret my decision to not order their PBM sub. I’ll have to save that for next time.

fish tacos and fries_For dinner I ordered their fish tacos and fries. The meal came with (as you can see) a huge amount of hand cut fries, which really every restaurant should have. But I always get excited when restaurants have fish tacos because they are such a nice alternative to meat tacos. My meal came with 2 pan-fried haddock fish tacos came with coleslaw, guacamole, bruschetta and chipotle sauce. They were very tasty but I had absolutely no use for the side of sour cream and salsa. If anything they could have used a little more kick (which is surprising, coming from my bland palate).

All in all, Iggy’s still remains one of my favourite local restaurants to visit because of its friendly servers, amazing craft beer selection and wonderfully curious menu.

I would rate my particular experience at Iggy’s Pub and Grub:


Iggy’s Pub and Grub is located at: 115 RR 20, Fonthill, ON L0S 1E0

Fireside Restaurant

fireside menu

In all honesty just pretend you are hungry even if you are not because if you have not tried the food at Fireside Restaurant your insides are missing out.

You are probably wondering why my photo is in a sepia style filter, the inspiration you ask? The restaurant decor. Fireside Restaurant opened 38 years ago and the wood panelled walls and custom red pleather booths look like they came straight from the 70’s. This may possibly be the most underrated Welland restaurant especially for an establishment with Mediterranean food on the menu. I had no other choice but to order the chicken souvlaki pita with rice and greek salad as it brings back memories of my late night food order in Waterloo at MacDonells (RIP).

fireside foodNow pick your jaw up off the ground, I know it looks phenomenal and it was. They even gave an extra side of tzatziki as if she knew I would slather that all over the rice. Not only was this glorious plate delivered within 5 minutes of ordering, it was consumed even faster.

The pita was warm and soft with just enough chicken to fill you up. The greek salad is like no other greek salad you have ever had. It was not dripping with pounds of oregano and dressing but instead the perfect mix of fresh, crunchy salad and vegetables. What more can you ask for from a restaurant that only charged $10.79 for this meal.

Our server was also helpful and pleasant to be around. She even answered questions I had regarding when the restaurant had first opened and laughed when Nicola and I told her we couldn’t even speak during the meal for fear it would disappear out of thin air and leave us wanting more.

I would rate my experience at Fireside Restaurant:

greek foodgreek foodgreek foodgreek foodgreek food

Located at: 153 Southworth St N, Welland, ON L3B 1Z3

The Rex


I must preface this post by stating this isn’t my first rendezvous at The Rex. While I was in my prime I played a little softball and we were sponsored by this restaurant, our team was The Rexicans. This restaurant is a must try Welland staple.

When you walk into The Rex, aside from the obvious ability to off track gamble one must acknowledge how dated the decor is. The carpet is green, which is only appropriate if it matches the drapes. The walls are flooded with vintage beer signs, which my mom would have considered “new” back in her day when they were originally hung up. In their defence, it does give off a very homey vibe, which is comforting especially to its regulars from the last few decades. So let’s dive into the food!

On a lovely Wednesday night out with my girl Nicola, we experienced some seriously good Welland hospitality. For one we arrived to have our first pitcher of OV paid for by one of Welland’s finest. That’s the best way to start off any night out. Speaking of Welland’s Finest – that is what the Rex claims their pizza to be, therefore it was only appropriate to order exactly that.


So we went for the classic 6-slice cheese and pepperoni and a pound of mild wings (since my palate doesn’t handle spice well), while my other friends dove into a 6 slice cheese, pep, green olives and hot peppers. As expected the pizza was phenomenal, without question the best in Welland (and I love Rose City Pizza). The crust is thin but crispy and just perfection. The wings on the other hand were an utter disappointment, they were saucy and cold, which is not the most appealing combination.

My only issue with the Rex has always been the service. You see 2-4 ladies behind the bar yet ordering a drink or food always seems to be a struggle. On this particular evening it was not. I was pleasantly surprised.

I would rate this particular experience at The Rex:

4.5 pizza slices

Located at: 346 King Street, Welland, ON L3B 3K3

What’s on the Menu?

Welcome to Bite on the Town,

The goal of this blog is to write my honest opinions on various “hidden gem” restaurants in Niagara.

niagara region

I have always taken much pride in growing up in Welland despite the fact that there is practically nothing to do unless you are sixteen and genuinely looking forward to going to a local fair or the Seaway Mall cinema, as there are zero stores in that mall with relevance unless you have retired.

As I’ve “matured”, I have noticed how much fun you can have in Niagara. Whether it’s visiting a neighbouring city, safely being able to walk all over town or visiting “dive” bars in order to pass the time, Niagara has been one hilarious roller coaster ride throughout my youth. Showcasing it’s perks seems like a nice thing to do.

night on the town
I chose to focus on Niagara because through my various excursions around the region I have found some very interesting yet noteworthy establishments that should be put on display.

If you have any questions or recommendations please feel free to contact me at danaconn90@gmail.com.

– Dana Connor