The Rex


I must preface this post by stating this isn’t my first rendezvous at The Rex. While I was in my prime I played a little softball and we were sponsored by this restaurant, our team was The Rexicans. This restaurant is a must try Welland staple.

When you walk into The Rex, aside from the obvious ability to off track gamble one must acknowledge how dated the decor is. The carpet is green, which is only appropriate if it matches the drapes. The walls are flooded with vintage beer signs, which my mom would have considered “new” back in her day when they were originally hung up. In their defence, it does give off a very homey vibe, which is comforting especially to its regulars from the last few decades. So let’s dive into the food!

On a lovely Wednesday night out with my girl Nicola, we experienced some seriously good Welland hospitality. For one we arrived to have our first pitcher of OV paid for by one of Welland’s finest. That’s the best way to start off any night out. Speaking of Welland’s Finest – that is what the Rex claims their pizza to be, therefore it was only appropriate to order exactly that.


So we went for the classic 6-slice cheese and pepperoni and a pound of mild wings (since my palate doesn’t handle spice well), while my other friends dove into a 6 slice cheese, pep, green olives and hot peppers. As expected the pizza was phenomenal, without question the best in Welland (and I love Rose City Pizza). The crust is thin but crispy and just perfection. The wings on the other hand were an utter disappointment, they were saucy and cold, which is not the most appealing combination.

My only issue with the Rex has always been the service. You see 2-4 ladies behind the bar yet ordering a drink or food always seems to be a struggle. On this particular evening it was not. I was pleasantly surprised.

I would rate this particular experience at The Rex:

4.5 pizza slices

Located at: 346 King Street, Welland, ON L3B 3K3